To apply for sanctioning for a trial, the Trial Director must be contacted.  This must be done at least 21 days before the trial.  No advertising restrictions or fees apply.

Requirements For Sanctioning a Trial

All SSDA sanctioned trial must be held in Saskatchewan.  The Lloydminster community will be considered as part of Saskatchewan.

Entries can be limited in a sanctioned trial.

Dual Sanctioned Trials - Out of province associations can also sanction trials held in Saskatchewan and sanctioned by the SSDA.

SSDA will not advertise any trial held within Saskatchewan unless it is sanctioned by the SSDA.

If a trial needs to be rescheduled, to retain sanctioning the rescheduled date must be minimum 7 days after the original trial date at the discretion of the trial director. 

Trial placings must be submitted to the points person within 30 days after the trial date for sanctioning to stand.

Trial Sanctioning Form must be obtained 21 days prior to any event. Event will not be advertised on website or social media without application being accepted.

The Western Canadian Finals is a sheep field event that started back in 1979, and has been held yearly.  It is hosted by one of the western provinces.  It is the longest running double- lift trial in Canada, and predates the Canadian Border Collie Association Championships.  For more information, go to the Western Canadians Website