“The Saskatchewan Stock Dog Association promotes the proper training of stock dogs, their humane handling and is dedicated to the welfare of both dogs and livestock.”

The SSDA is committed to:
  • Promoting the ability of the working stock dog and educate the public to the use of these dogs.
  • Promote the use of stock dogs on farms and ranches.
  • Promote the breeding, exposure and growth of stock breeds by way of trials, demonstrations, clinics and advertising.

**AGM will be held January 19, 2025 at 1:00 PM CST. The AGM will be held in person in and broadcasted over ZOOM for members not able to attend. Location to be determined.  All members are invited to be present**


Sheep Field (Open): Jared App and Stu
Sheep Field (Pro-Novice): Brianne Bellwood and Link 
Sheep Field (Novice): Janie Archdekin and Jazz

Sheep Arena (Open): Peter Gonnet and JR Poncho
Sheep Arena (Pro-Novice): Brianne Bellwood and Betty
Sheep Arena (Novice): Scott Adamson and Gus

Cattle Arena (Open): Sherry Creech and Toad
Cattle Arena (Intermediate): Alicia Adamson and Grace 
Cattle Arena (Novice): Scott Adamson and Roz

ULTIMATE STOCK DOG AWARD (inaugural year): Brianne Bellwood and Link

Sponsorship Requests MUST be submitted to SSDA Prior to December 1 for discussion at AGM!