“The Saskatchewan Stock Dog Association promotes the proper training of stock dogs, their humane handling and is dedicated to the welfare of both dogs and livestock.”

The SSDA is committed to:
  • Promoting the ability of the working stock dog and educate the public to the use of these dogs.
  • Promote the use of stock dogs on farms and ranches.
  • Promote the breeding, exposure and growth of stock breeds by way of trials, demonstrations, clinics and advertising.

Cattle Arena Novice - Alicia Adamson and Grace
Cattle Arena Intermediate - Janice Ludwig and Riley
Cattle Arena Open - Barry Breemersch and Jazz

Sheep Field Novice— Maureen Schulz and Reece
Sheep Field Pro/Novice - Jamie Gardner and Jiff
Sheep Field Open - Wendy Schmaltz and Ky
Sheep Arena Novice - Alicia Adamson and Grace
Sheep Arena Pro/Novice - Bev Sommer and Meg
Sheep Arena Open - Jolie Vermette and Jack

Sponsorship Requests MUST be submitted to SSDA Prior to December 1 for discussion at AGM!